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The following is a list of Books, Articles and Links we recommend you consider reviewing. If there is something you have run into and think it may be value to others, please feel free to submit it to us for consideration.

Swtich: How to Change When Change is Hard
by Chip and Dan Heath

In Switch, the Heath brothers ask, "Why is it so hard to make lasting change in our companies, communities and own lives?". They offer an illuminating answer which requires us to consider both our rational and emotional minds. Citing many examples from business and research, they offer a practical, step by step program which can be used to design more effective change processes.

The Power of Full Engagement: Managing Energy and Not Time is the Key to High Performance and Personal Renewal
by Jim Loehr, Tony Schwartz

If you are always saying "there just isn't enough time in each day", this is the book for you. It convincingly demonstrates that  managing your energy, and not your time, is proven to be the key to high performance and personal renewal.

Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes are High
by Patterson, Grenny, McMillan, Switzle

Crucial Conversations need to occur when stakes are high, emotions run strong and opinions vary. Yet many of us procrastinate and get stuck by avoiding these conversations. This book is an excellent resource offering many techniques to help you get unstuck, start having the conversations that really count and effectively engage others

Know What You Don't Know -- How Great Leaders Prevent Problems Before They Happen
by Michael A. Roberto

Solving problems is one thing; finding them early enough to do something about them is another. Roberto provides readers with many examples and practical recommendations on how to avoid falling into the many decision making traps by getting a step ahead.

Meditation in a New York Minute: Super Calm for the Super Busy
by Mark Thornto

In this book Thornton (an ex CFO from Wall Street) demystifies meditation and makes it accessible to all. He presents a complete program for enjoying the many benefits of meditation -- increased energy, intense mental clarity and stress reduction -- by using quick, short daily exercises. As Thornton says: "If your life is moving at warp speed -- more than ever, you need to be able to create calm quickly and profoundly".

Harvard Business Review:
How Will You Measure Your Life?
by Clayton M. Christensen, July/Aug 2010
Manage Your Energy Not Your Time
by Loehr, 2007


NeuroLeadership is an emerging field of study focused on bringing "hard" scientific knowledge into the areas of leadership development, consulting and coaching. It looks at the functioning of the brain and the neurological impact of such hard wiring on how individuals in a social environment make decisions, solve problems, regulate their emotions, collaborate with and influence others, and facilitate change. NeuroLeadership engages the "people," as opposed to the functional side of business. It offers provocative insights and practical tools and suggestions on how to build increased engagement and motivation in the workplace. A good place to begin to explore this area is with the article "The Emerging Field of NeuroLeadership", which can be found on the Links page under "Education & Resources".


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