Client Results | Fostering New Culture

Client Results | Fostering New Culture

Fostering New Culture

Mergers and acquisitions can yield many wins in terms of market share and efficiencies. However, they need special people care if they are to yield their true potential in terms of employee engagement.

The Challenge

A Utilities company went through several mergers. Leaders were feeling a diminished ability to build buy-in across the new entity and siloes were appearing based on the company of origin. It was difficult to reach an agreement around functional roles and joint objectives. Employee morale was low and turnover was increasing.

Our Solution

In order to foster a new cultural identity and increased collaboration, a team approach was offered. Individual team members engaged in a series of one-on-one coaching to reaffirm their strengths, “turn up the volume” on underlying assumptions, tone down mental chatter, and increase effectiveness as leaders. They were able to motivate direct reports by clearing obstacles that were blocking them from achieving their new objectives. Team sessions were also offered to build common tools and language for increased collaboration.

As word of Team Process spread and others saw the results of increased ease of collaboration, more teams signed up. Over the next 9-12 months a new cultural language began to take root, siloes faded and joint solutions became easier to negotiate.

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