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Founder & Principal

Jenny Howe

Jenny is a highly-skilled Executive Coach and Facilitator with more than 20 years' experience in leadership coaching.

She works with individuals at all levels, and specializes in helping senior executives, entrepreneurs and teams to fully develop their potential and resilience.

She particularly enjoys working with people transitioning to new roles and expanded levels of responsibility, serving as a thought partner to challenge and support her clients.

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Nick Evans #1

Nick Evans

Nick Evans is a Leadership Coach and Facilitator with a proven track record of translating coaching and team facilitation programs into enhanced business results.

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Yvonne Yam #1

Yvonne Yam

Yvonne is highly facilitative, passionate, and engaging. She specializes in coaching for strategic alignment, cross-team collaboration, and team building.

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Lilian Wang #1

Lilian Wang

Lilian integrates mindfulness, process facilitation, and integral theory exercises into her coaching and facilitation practice.

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Angie Wong #1

Angie Wong

Angie coaches for authentic leadership, emotional management, leading and coaching diverse teams, and role transitions.

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Sharon Flanagan #1

Sharon Flanagan

Sharon helps leaders navigate key transitions from contributor to team leader, executive management, and beyond.

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Jane Gaynor #1

Jane Gaynor

Jane is an experienced executive coach whose focus is on helping executives and organizations successfully navigate change.

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Mya Kwan #1

Mya Kwan

Mya fosters impact and purpose for her clients by delivering learner-centric, interactive, and insightful programs.

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Lisa Dion #1

Lisa Dion

Lisa helps leaders explore and learn through 360 feedback, personality style assessments, and executive coaching.

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